Taking a break from getting arrested and fighting with her mom, MTV's 'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans decided to hit the beach in North Carolina over the weekend and flaunt her brand new breast implants. Decked out in a hot pink bikini, Evans is not the least bit modest while showing off her brand-new assets. Considering there is a video camera pointed at her in all the recent pictures from her official Facebook page it seems as if we may be seeing Jenelle in more reality TV action soon.

TMZ reported on her new boob job, which I'm sure is working in her favor as she is probably ignoring the hell out of her son Jace while her mom picks up the load. Ahhhhhh, the life of a 'Teen Mom.' With all the trouble that the girls from the show end up getting into, I'm starting to wonder if there needs to a be a reality show to help prevent teenage girls who get pregnant from going onto reality shows?

Whoa, that's totally on some 'Inception' type of level. My head hurts. Just look at Jenelle's new boobs and feel free to criticize her in the comments below.