Its a story that has become all too familiar these being bullied by their own peers. We see it and hear about it on a daily basis in the mainstream media, yet for some reason cases of bullying continue to arise. The latest case seems to have come out of Palmer Middle School in Kennesaw, Georgia. This time the case involved a FAKE facebook account that was suppose to be that of 14-year-old Alex Boston. It all started when Miss Boston's peers thought that it would be funny for them to create a fake account on facebook and defame the 14-year-old.



As most bullying cases do turn out to be ugly, this one was of no exception. Miss Boston's peers thought that it would be funny to make it look like Miss Boston was a racist and that she smoked marijuana and was sexually active.

When Miss Boston and her parents asked the school to step-in and help, the school said that they COULD NOT intervene being that the harassment  was not within their jurisdiction. The school said that the facebook account and the alleged harassment were being conducted off school grounds.

Police officers also told the teenager and her parents that they could not intervene because there was no cyber-bullying law in Georgia which applied to this case. However, the police did advice Miss Boston's parents to contact facebook and request that they remove the fake profile.

However, several requests to Facebook failed and so the family instead decided to sue those they claimed were behind the fake site. The complaint alleges that the fake Facebook page exposed Miss Boston to 'hatred, contempt and ridicule by her classmates and peers.'

Finally after several attempts to reach facebook, the social media site did respond and has since removed the fake facebook account. Still, Miss Boston and her parents are suing the two teenagers and their parents for slander and emotional distress.

I certainly think that the young lady that was allegedly bullied here, Alex Boston, has a case here. Sadly, no amount of money will ever "make things right." It is just not cool to pick on your peers and when it is done via a social media site the magnitude of the bullying rises to a whole new level. Nobody should ever have to go through what Alex went through, and remember it always makes you a bigger person to stand-up for those who are being knocked down.


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