Today's teenagers will never know the struggles that teens of yesteryear had to face—like having to go outside for fun, living without internet, and flip phones.

We aren't talking about having to walk five miles in the snow uphill to get to school while holding your books in a belt—but there are struggles that some millennials will simply never have to face.

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone, it became hard to find a phone that wasn't based around a typical "smartphone" touch screen design. Smartphones allowed you to type with a full keyboard at your fingertips, but those who had cellphones before the iPhone changed the game can definitely attest to the T9 texting struggle.

Could you imagine if we were still tapping a number multiple times just to enter a single letter... into a single word... into a single text message?

Check out what happens when Buzzfeed let a group of teenagers use flip phones for the first time in their lives.

Spoiler Alert: Its pretty damn funny.