We were all once teenagers, and at some given point we all probably dabbled in mischievous methods to sneak alcohol into our party plans. Vodka in water bottles, watering down your dad's crown, alcohol mixed with whatever Big Gulp drink you purchased at your local neighborhood convenient store. Am I bringing back memories yet?

Well as hard as you may THINK you partied during your adolescent years, your generation can't top what kids these days are doing to get liquor into their underage bloodstreams. Soaking tampons in vodka, then "inserting" them is one of the new ways kids are partying, and no, this isn't some urban legend.

But WHY? you may ask. Well, the most commonly given reason, is to avoid alcohol breath-which actually doesn't work.

If one were to ingest vodka vaginally (or anally - they are used by males too), the practice wouldn't result in booze free breath because alcohol is partially expelled from the body via the lungs. Once liquor is in the blood, at least some of it gets breathed out, which is how breathalyzers measure blood alcohol content.

[via Snopes]

Some claim that avoiding large amounts of alcohol in the stomach helps them to not toss up their dinner. Others say they do it for the "rush", and then of course, there are the followers that do it for the "novelty" of it.

Because after all, if everyone else is doing it, you should too, right?

Wrong. You won't find any tampons soaked in ANYTHING around me, ever.


All jokes aside, there are serious repercussions by indulging in these alternative boozing methods. Check it.

Teens Using Vodka Soaked Tampons To Get Wasted

Did you and your friends "sneak" alcohol when you were underage? If so, what were some of the things you did? Did they work? Would you have EVER used Tampons Soaked In Vodka?

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