Tennis Pro David Nalbandian was disqualified from The Queen's Club final Sunday after he injured a line judge during a tirade. Nalbandian was disqualified after he kicked a portable wall surrounding the judge. The portable wall imploded around the judge while  injuring him to the point where he needed medical attention. The finals match was halted before a sold out crowd because of Nalbandian's behavior, handing the title to Marin Cilic. After checking on the line judge, the chair umpire decided to end the match in the second set. Nalbandian insisted he shouldn't have been disqualified.



According to ATP Rules, any violent action will result in an automatic default. And after watching this video, while the intent may not have been to injure the linesman, the players actions were indeed violent.

"It's an unfortunate situation for everyone involved, the spectators, the tournament, the sponsors, the players and the linesman," Brad Drewett, ATP executive chairman and president, said in a statement. "David certainly did not mean for this to happen; however, the rules are very clear in a situation like this and causing injury to someone is an automatic default for any player."

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