Ironic that these results come out the day a gigantic sinkhole swallowed a car in Bossier.

If by chance you're one of the three people reading this who haven't seen or heard the word "sinkhole" today, yes, it really happened. A car driving near the corner of Airline and Texas Street was in for the shock of their life today, when the roadway underneath their car actually gave way and a monstrous sinkhole opened up beneath the vehicle.

For that full story, with pictures, click HERE.

It's no secret that our roadways are bad here in Shreveport-Bossier. Not just the roads that literally swallow your car, but we have to be the pothole capital of the world. The sad news for our state, is that poor roadways aren't just found in Northwest Louisiana. It's an issue plaguing our entire state, and our drivers are suffering because of it.

New research shows rough and unsafe roads are costing Louisiana drivers around $6.9 billion annually, which could cost up to almost $2,300 per driver. The report also points out that nearly half of major locally and state-maintained roads are in poor or mediocre condition.


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