Terry Bradshaw has recently made comments that ripped on Drew Brees and the "audacity" he had to ask the league to allow Sean Payton, Joe Vitt and Mickey Loomis to be on hand in the Superdome to watch him break the record for the most consecutive games with a passing touchdown.

He even took it a step further saying that Drew Brees' records weren't special because he tosses the ball around a lot more than NFL quarterbacks used to back in the day, and being that the Saints were winless at the time, Brees' records were meaningless.

It's ok that Terry Bradshaw doesn't think much of Drew Brees, but his comments related to a spectacular Reggie Bush run against the Colts over the weekend were a bit over the line, and has the internet giving him a serious side-eye.

Terry Bradshaw: Reggie Bush Running Like "He's Chasing A Bucket Of Chicken"

The reactions of his fellow announcers are priceless, and Terry agreed that his choice of words weren't the smartest, explaining that it was an inside joke with the crew and Jimmie Johnson.

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