A Texas father is receiving criticism for making his 4-year-old son run alongside of the vehicle in what appears to be a football 'training' video.

You're in football training. This is how we train for football. Daddy drives and you run.

According to Brandon Yates, he didn't actually make his son Clay run alongside their SUV to train him for the gridiron, but instead to teach him a lesson after the young boy unbuckled his car seat yet again.

The football twist that Yates put on the punishment was only to make the lesson fun, and according to the Texas father he has been called a child abuser and even received death threats since posting the original video to Facebook last September.

Yates and his wife shared their side of the story saying that their son was never in any danger,

He's not hurting. We don't abuse him or anything like that.

As a matter of fact, Yates flips the script saying that the outrage over his video is the real problem, as society jumps to judgement "way too soon." He says the video shows nothing more than "a father and his son coming back from watching the Cowboys get beat again and him wanting to have aspirations to play football."

Yates added that he won't be posting anymore Facebook videos of his son doing football training in Crocs adding that the next time they train, he will put him in a pair of tennis shoes and run beside him.

Do you think this father was out of line, or was his criticism on social media too harsh?

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