This is one school evil people won't be messing with, unless they have a death wish!

A school in Argyle, TX says if you think you're going to mess with these teachers think again, because they're armed and ready to protect their students from danger! They make sure you know they are packing heat with this sign placed all over the campus.

According to CW33 , back in January the district voted in favor of school marshals and some Argyle teachers acting as the long arm of the law under the state's Protection of Texas Children Act.

The majority of the parents agree and say YES to teachers packing heat! WOW! This could only happen in Texas. I don't see this ever happening in Louisiana.  I could be wrong!

According to the Argyle school superintendent Dr. Wright (and yes that is her last name) says the teachers trained over the summer and some are in training now.

So, this is my question.

Would you want teachers at your kid's school to be armed?

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