This is becoming way too common these days, parents leaving kids in cars as temperature exceed the 90 to 100-degree mark.

Shoppers in Katy, Tx. noticed that two small kids were in a jeep, with windows up and no A/C on, and that is when they broke a window on the jeep to rescue the kids.The shoppers say that they could hear the kids crying while locked in the jeep.

The 28-year-old mother of these children was reportedly in a nearby hair salon awaiting to get a haircut.

Sadly, it has become a habit of mine to look into cars while I walk through shopping center parking lots. I hope I never have to do what these shoppers did here, but in the event of, I would not hesitate one second.

UPDATE TO STORY: Now new witnesses have come forth to say that the mom in question here actually accidentally locked the keys in the car while the kids were in their car seats. Initially, reports indicated that the mother of the two kids was in a salon cutting her hair. For more on this update, click HERE.