A woman in Texas is claiming that a popular nail salon discriminated against her based on her size late last week.  Tina Lewis reportedly gets her nails done every two weeks, and decided to try a new salon.  Allegedly, when she arrived at Rose Nails in Houston - she was refused service for being "too big."  Workers at the salon say that Lewis was turned away because they were afraid she would break the chair.

According to a statement given to WCTV, salon employee Marie Bui was the one who turned away Tina after claiming that the spa chairs used for pedicures was too small.  Bui would also claim that the chairs cost several hundred dollars, and that the salon had to replace another chair due to an overweight customer breaking it.

Houston attorney Steve Shellist claims that while refusing to serve Ms. Lewis may have seemed rude, it isn't illegal in Texas to discriminate against someone based on their weight.  In fact, Michigan is the only state where it is illegal to do so.  According to Tina, the salon should at least be required to have a sign in the window outlining the weight restrictions.


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