You know it's bad, I know it's bad. That still doesn't stop a lot of us from doing it. That "it" is texting while driving. Even if you only pull out the smartphone at stoplights to check messages it takes some of your attention away from the more important task of driving.

The scariest part of this story is that many of our most inexperienced drivers, teenagers, are violating this code of conduct in alarming numbers. According to a recent survey by State Farm Insurance 44% of teens admitted to texting while behind the wheel. Not surprising 90% of those same teens surveyed said they knew that texting and driving was not a good idea.

I can tell you that the number of people who report texting and driving and using email and other things like that, devices, has been consistently disturbingly high.

That's what State Farm spokesman Roszell Gadson told the Louisiana Radio Network.

When you consider the fact that this is Teen Safe Driving Week it is especially important that we as parents, teachers, and more experienced drivers set a good example. Unfortunately we aren't much better than teen drivers when it comes to texting and driving.

Looks like we really need to reinforce again just how dangerous driving can be and how much they need to take it seriously and not be distracted by cellphones.

Car crashes are the number one killer of teenagers. Almost all of them can be prevented. It is up to us to make sure our children learn and practice good safety habits behind the wheel.

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