As we get closer to the end of '10, many "best of" or "top" lists will be released. This is one of them, The 10 Highest Earning Reality Stars! If you are looking for a quick payday and want to become a reality star, remember 2 things....1. Be Born into a Rich Family or 2. Get on a MTV reality show!

Being a nobody never paid so well. From the Kardashian sisters $11 million haul to The Situations $3 million payday, The Daily Beast tallies the top earners in reality television. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, star Kim Kardashian emerges with severe bruising around her eyes, as if she lost a battle in the boxing ring. Most Hollywood celebrities wouldnt go in public in such a state, much less cop to getting Botox, but Kim not only receives injections onscreen, she bares the galling results for all her fans.

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