Maybe it's time to just end the season NOW!

We all know by now that the 2021 LSU football season is a major disappointment. With so much talent on this team, injuries, and outside interferences have wrecked this season.

I mean, after all, the university has announced already that Coach O isn't coming back, thus they have thrown in the white towel too.

The LSU Tigers are coming off of another embarrassing loss last week to the Ole Miss Rebels, but luckily for the Tigers, they are off this week.

The bad news, for their off week they are preparing to play Alabama in a week, in Tuscaloosa, and now they don't even have enough healthy players to practice or scrimmage each other this week.

In all of my years following sports, I cannot recall ever hearing that from a college football team. Not enough players to conduct practice? It has become very clear to many that these players have scratched this season.

Like the Tiger fan base, these kids are done with the 2021 season and they have moved on from the current coaching staff.

All that you can hope for this season if you're an LSU fan is for no more serious injuries and quality playing time for the young talented players on this team.

LSU and their fans deserve better than this, and to some extent, the current coaching staff deserves better than this.

This statement from a football program that won it all just two years ago is absolutely heartbreaking.


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