As I was decorating the Christmas tree this year, I started to think about the Christmas decorations or Christmas tree ornaments that, like dinosaurs, have become extinct. Think back to your childhood for a second, remember some of those tacky ornaments or decorations you'd put on your Christmas tree? Well, they are gone. Many of the older decoration have been replaced with more modern style ones and some older Christmas decorations just can't be found these days. After all, would you REALLY consider putting any of these on your tree these days?

  • The Angel On Top Of The Tree

    Look, I know some of you may still put an angel on top of your tree, but how many more of you have replaced it with Santa or with some floral decoration? The angel on top of the tree is a Christmas tree classic, however, I think its a thing of the past. I have seen so many people replace the angel with Santa, a floral arrangement, or with a massive bow that stretches all the way down the side of the tree. As a kid, the Christmas angel was always my favorite thing to put on the tree. It was always a tradition at my home to put the angel on last while decorating the Christmas tree, but that is now so 1980.

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  • The Candy Cane

    I can remember hanging candy canes on our Christmas tree like it was yesterday. My sisters and I would drape our tree with candy canes, and the deal was we could each have a candy cane upon returning from school through the holidays. However, the deeper you got into the holiday season, the candy canes became more and more difficult to open. Reason being, well the candy canes were slowly melting through time. Hanging candy canes on a Christmas tree was so tacky, yet it may still not be the most tacky thing you ever put on your tree.

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  • Christmas Tinsel and Garland

    I wish I had an explanation as to why we, and/or our parents, once thought it was OK to put Christmas garland and Christmas tinsel on our tree, but I don't. Did our parents really think that wrapping our tree with garland was attractive during the Christmas tree decorating process? I'm sorry, but wrapping a Christmas tree with gold, silver, or red garland is NOT attractive at all. In addition to that, who remembers throwing tinsel all over the tree once it was completely decorated? The tinsel would get everywhere, and it was just so tacky to put that on the Christmas tree. I put Christmas garland and Christmas tinsel in the same boat as high bangs on women and the jerry curl on some dudes. This Christmas decoration has to be the most outdated of them all.

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  • Big Bulbs On The Tree

    While I can probably make a good argument that the entire Christmas tree thing is being replaced by artificial trees, some which are already pre-lit, we'll save that for another day. However, I am certain that the strands of lights with the "big bulbs" has been replaced by the strands with much smaller bulbs. Rarely do you see a Christmas tree decorated or lit with light strands of big bulbs. What I liked most about the big bulbs was that if one went out, it was easy to replace the one bulb. Oh yeah, it also took less lights to light up the tree because the strands of bulbs with the larger ones on it were so much brighter. Now, we see LED lights, which don't seem to be as bright, replacing just about all types of Christmas illumination.

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  • The Popcorn Balls

    While as a kid, if we put popcorn balls on our Christmas tree I certainly don't recall doing that. However, I do think my grandparents once had popcorn balls placed in or on the tree. Several people have told me that the popcorn ball was once one of the more popular Christmas decorations. I don't get it, but perhaps there was a meaning behind all of this. I don't know if this was a regional thing or not, but I just can't recall ever seeing popcorn balls on or in Christmas trees while as kid. I do know this, I have NOT seen a popcorn ball on any Christmas tree in recent time.