For a brief period of time Chatroulette was one of the hottest destinations on the internet. These days the online chat site, which pairs strangers for conversations, is more or less a joke with a punchline that usually involves too much male nudity.

But could Chatroulette be making a comeback with a little help from Carly Rae Jepsen? Watch this very Chatroulette version of ‘Call Me Maybe.’

The man with the extensive bikini collection and limber dance moves is Steve Kardynal. He is considered a Chatroulette celebrity, for what it’s worth. As you can see, when he pops up on random screens lip-syncing the earworm of the summer reactions are varied. Some look fairly horrified, but most get in on the fun and start to sing along.

How would you react if a man slinking around in a bikini got up in your internet grill? On thing is for sure — Kardynal makes the much-maligned Chatroulette seem entertaining.

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