Some folks are so creative when it comes to Christmas decor.

Someone posted a photo of their Christmas tree this year, and it is very unique because it is a "Teppe Christmas Tree."

The Facebook page "Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons" posted a photo of someone's Christmas tree and it's in the shape of a Tepee because it is a Tepee.

A plastic Tepee, which some kids may already have in their room, was covered with Garland, thus giving it the resemblance of a Christmas tree.

What's cool here is that the opening to enter the Tepee remained as is, thus allowing kids to get into the "tree".

We still have plenty of time to decorate for the holiday season so if your kid already has a Tepee in their room, you want to give this a try.

This is so cool and I am sure your kids would enjoy this bit of decor in your house for Christmas.

Who's giving this a try?


After a quick search on YouTube, I found another Tepee tree, and while it may not be as "clean" as the one above, I get it and applaud the efforts.


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