The City of Ville Platte has a strict warning for its residents: Pick-Up Your Pants and Turn Down Your Music. A friend of mine told me about these signs over the weekend, and now they are making the news. These controversial signs can be seen throughout the city, but has the city gone too far with the visuals on their new signs?KATC-TV 3 spoke to Jennifer Vidrine, the mayor of Ville Platte, and she said, "We're trying to bring back respect to the city and also trying to make it a quiet zone because you do owe the citizens of Ville Platte peace and you do owe them respect."

The mayor of the small town says that slabbing, wearing your pants below your waist, is a big problem in the city and that many citizens have complained about loud music throughout the city. According to the story on KATC-TV,  fines will be around $200 each offense. If you're caught a third time with your music too loud, your car will be confiscated. In the event a minor is brought in  for sagging pants, they will be arrested and their parents will have to come pick them up and pay the fine.

I ask, what do you think about these signs? Were visuals really needed and has the city gone too far with the signs? Many of you on social media sites have already said that Ville Platte should be applauded for addressing such an issue.


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