It's been a tough week for The-Dream, and some might say it's been an even tougher week for his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Lydia Nam.

The R&B singer-songwriter was being investigated by NYPD for allegedly punching, kicking and strangling Nam while she was still pregnant in 2013. News of the reported attack emerged this month since Nam decided to press charges recently.

A few days later, the investigation turned into an arrest, as The-Dream turned himself into police on May 7. And now the plot thickens even more, as TMZ just released selfies taken by Nam, which shows her bruised and scratched. According to the gossip site, the images were taken right after the alleged incident.

One image shows Nam with a huge red bruise on her arm, along with an April 4, 2013 copy of USA Today visible. The newspaper was obviously placed in the shot to show exactly when the alleged assault occurred.

Another photo shows multiple scratches on Nam's neck and face, as she accused the former Def Jam artist of strangling her with a necklace she was wearing at the time. She also said The-Dream punched, kicked and dragged her across the floor by her hair. Each photo has been viewed by the NYPD, and they've used all of them during their investigation.

Additionally, the petite-looking Nam said when she tried to call police, the 'Black' singer grabbed her arm, twisted it and said "[I'll kill you] like O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown."

After the singer was released from custody, The-Dream said his ex-girlfriend is making everything up, and she only went to the police to remain in the U.S. Reportedly, her green card has expired, but she can stay in the country until the assault case concludes.

But The-Dream will undoubtedly have a much harder time disproving Nam's claims, especially now since these graphic photos have been released.

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