We are now in "festival week" here in Lafayette and that means just one thing, its time for Festival International de Louisiane 2012. Downtown Lafayette will be the setting of multiple stages, events, displays, and more throughout the week and weekend. With so much to see and so much ground to cover, we would like to offer up a few tips when comes to surviving the festival. Many of the stages, food vendors, and other attractions are spread out throughout the downtown district. If you plan to visit the festival this week or over the weekend, here are a few things you certainly DO NOT want to leave at home or in the car.

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Money, Credit Card, or Debit Card

While there may be no admission to enter the festival, like any other festival you may attend, Festival International has so many things you may want to try. And yes, you will need the funds to try a few things. With so much food available for you to try, bring plenty of money so that you don't leave hungry!! There are also several locations in the downtown district that are designated for souvenir shopping. Don't let your festival experience end when you leave, take a piece of the festival with you back home. Oh, there is also always plenty to drink and you can't afford to go thirsty at the festival.
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Bring Sunscreen

The good news going into the weekend is that local meteorologist are calling for BEAUTIFUL Weather in Acadiana!! With that said, prepare yourself to be exposed to lots of sunshine at the festival. Shade is limited near most of the stages so please remember to pack your sunscreen. The last thing you want is to "burn" and not enjoy your experience at Festival International de Louisiane. Note, please take extra precautionary measures to protect your children from the sun this weekend. Sure the skies may be blue and the temperatures may not be excessive, yet the danger of sunburn will be present all week and weekend.
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Comfortable Shoes

As we noted earlier in the list here, most of the stages are far apart from each other. If you plan on visiting the entire district for the festival weekend, be sure to come in comfortable shoes. Ladies, this is NOT the event to wear the heals. And gentleman, leave the hard sole shoes at home. Come comfortable and prepare to walk quiet a bit as you "bounce around" from stage-to-stage or walk around to visit the many designated areas.
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Bring The Lawn Chair

If you wish to enjoy the festival and wish to do so while relaxing, bring a lawn chair. Seating is very limited at most of the stages and the last thing you want to do is stand the entire time you watch your favorite performance. Sure, it can be a hassle to pack and carry a chair with you, but the benefits certainly out-weigh the hassle. Speaking from experience, there is NO better way to enough this festival than from the comfort of you own lawn chair. The lawn chair is ESSENTIAL if you plan on visiting the festival for a lengthy time.

The Festival Mobile App

With so many things going on throughout the week and weekend, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for you to know what is going on and when its going on without the new Festival International de Louisiane mobile app for your i-phone or android. The download is FREE and it is your guide to all of the events, performances, and more that take place in the 5-day span. Go here for your free download:

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