Tonight on the show, we discuss who here in Acadiana has the hardest job. I can think right off hand of two trades or professions that simply may be the hardest jobs in Acadiana.To start, I'm not going to sit here and try to convince you that what I do is difficult. Its actually pretty simple, yet has it challenges.  Two jobs that I think may be deserving of the title  "The Hardest Job In Acadiana" are workers in attics and teachers. First, I DO NOT know how those who do installs in attics work/survive during the summer months here in Acadiana. There is NO way I could do what some of you do in attics. I have seen first hand those of you coming out of attics during the summer time, and I don't know how you do what you do. Secondly, anyone who teaches and/or instructs kids has to have one of the most difficult jobs in Acadiana. For one, the amount of paperwork teachers are required to file is astronomical these days. Plus, some kids these days have ZERO respect for their teachers. And to make matters worse, parents simply don't support teachers like they should. Much respect to both trades/professions. Tonight On-Air, we hope to find who has the "Hardest Job In Acadiana."