Just when you think you may have heard enough from the infamous family known as the Kardashians, they drop another bombshell on you. This time, news is out that they are interested in coming out with their OWN magazine. They already have their own reality show, clothing line, and boutique, but now they want to control what is being said and/or reported about them via their own publication.

The New York Post reported that the family is close to landing a deal with American Media Inc. -- which owns Star, The National Enquirer and Shape -- so that they can control their own media coverage. A source reportedly told the newspaper that the family has reached out to several media outlets in recent days... The "head of the Kardashian Clan," Kris Jenner, would not be the editor of the publications. She would be the one to pull the strings to what does and does not reach publication.

Personally, I already see this as a done deal. With the backing of their reality show producer, Ryan Seacrest, I dare say that a media outlet has already come to terms with the family. For some reason, and I have to figure this one out, America is obsessed with this dysfunctional family. Sure they are beautiful and surrounded with drama, but why has a country like the United States of America become some intrigued with a family like the Kardashians? While that remains a mystery to me, I have a feeling that this magazine adventure is just another way to ensure that this family remains mainstream and remains at the forefront on most entertainment conversations...thus, they aren't going anywhere.

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