The symbol of Lafayette, The Cajundome, has a new name for one week. The Cajundome hosted a fundraiser to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and it allowed individuals, businesses, and organizations to bid on renaming the dome for one week. The highest bidder would be allowed to rename the dome anything it wished and have the new name featured on the marquis outside of the dome. Well, the time has come and the dome has a NEW NAME!!!For one week, the Cajundome will now be named "The Ragin' Cajun Catholic Dome."

The facility was given the name by Father Bryce Sibley with Our Lady Of Wisdom Church & Catholic Student Center. His organization raised $2,651 and was the highest bidder for the fundraiser. All bidders were allowed to place bids via an e-bay auction.

In addition to the renaming rights of the dome, the organization will be entitled to VIP tickets to any ticketed event at the Dome for the entire month of March.

This type fundraiser is rather popular in many of the larger markets around the country. However, since the renaming has been announced, several individuals have taken to various social media outlets and expressed their dislike of the new name. Granted that the name will only be on display during Mardi Gras week in Lafayette, however those of other religious beliefs have taken offense to the new name of the dome.

We ask, what do you think of the new name of the Cajundome? Are you offended or are you fine with the new name..."The Ragin' Cajun Catholic Dome?"

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