Why wouldn't you want your house to smell like a Happy Meal?

The cheeseburger scented candle by the Australian based company Grey Lines has already sold out, but don't worry they are already fully restocked and ready to make all your burger loving dreams come true.

I mean, let's be real, you'd definitely rather relax in a house that smells like melt-y cheese and meat than a house that smells like "freshly cut grass".

Seriously though, McDonald's cheeseburgers do have a very distinct smell and the fact that Grey Lines was able to replicate it in a candle is pretty flipping impressive.

The Maccas Run candle goes for about $29.95 AUD aka $21.04 USD, or you could just go to McD's and buy 20 cheeseburgers and strategically place them around your house for about the same price.


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