We have all seen the motorized scooters on the roads here in Acadiana, but one man is taking the scooter to an all new level. And by level I mean he seems to be making the ride much more comfortable. One guy in China has just made his workday commute not only more efficient, but he also now given himself a rather relaxing ride to and from work. The gentleman in the video below has equipped his recliner with wheels and now seems to take a piece of his home with him everywhere he goes. Sure, the scooter may not set any speed records, but it sure seems to be keeping up with traffic as it rides along side many of the cars passing by.




Now, I have seen many electronic style scooters on the roads in south Louisiana, but if I see of these recliner style scooters in the turning lane on University here in Lafayette, I WILL WRECK!! Not only do I not think this is safe to ride, but I also think that this may be a danger to those driving past it because such a scooter would be a HUGE distraction for those driving past it.


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