My Snapchat obsession is about to reach an all time high thanks to the new update. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to take snaps of themselves puking rainbows?

Yeah, that's right, I said puking rainbows! And that's only one of the seven incredible new Snapchat features. You can also make yourself look like some sort of demon. Or, maybe you've always wanted to know what you'll look like in 50 years, there's a filter for that too. As well as, an adorable heart-eye feature, a bulging eye/ funky mouth filter, a high tech mission impossible looking thing, and a cute crying face filter. Basically, there's a filter for every possible situation you may find yourself in, and it's amazing.

So how do you tap into this Snapchat upgdate? Well, when you're on the snap-taking-screen hold your finger down over your face, and when you let go a bunch of little white lines will appear over your face, and in some super cool technological way they will locate all of your facial features so the filters match up perfectly. Then along the bottom of the screen, next to the button you hold down to take a snap, you will see a bunch of little icons...

Snapchat Upgrade
Emily J

Now, this is the fun part. Swipe through the different icons (I suggest trying all of them out), pick the one that tickles your fancy, and get your snap on! Each filter comes with different instructions on how to make it work. For instance, you need to open your mouth for the scary face to appear, or raise your eye brows to get the monocle to show up on the old face. No worries, I have examples of all of the filters below... aka I finally have a reason to post selfies for work.

Happy Snapping!

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