Mom and Dad, have you ever asked your child to "not say anything?" If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Parents will often reveal a secret(s) to their child, and then ask the child to not repeat what they have just told them. Its "your little secret." Well, here are the top-10 secrets parents ask their child to keep.According to the huffingtonpost, the average British parent asks their children to keep 83 secrets a year. Think back, what was the last thing you asked your child to keep between you and him/her? Take a look at the top -10 secrets parents ask their child to keep.

1. A gift that is to be given (54 per cent)
2. Their real age in order to pay a reduced price (26 per cent)
3. Staying up past their bedtime (22 per cent)
4. Eating junk food or sweets (16 per cent)
5. Extravagant purchases (13 per cent)
6. Their real age in order to get them into an age restricted film (nine per cent)
7. Breaking rules set by the other parent (eight per cent)
8. Breaking something in the home (seven per cent)
9. Breaking the law (five per cent)
10. Damaging the car (three per cent)

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