A couple of days ago I started to think back to the days when pro wrestling came to hometown of Mamou, La.

I was probably 10-13 years old when the UWF and the NWA came to my hometown for two separate shows and I can recall both days/nights very clearly.

In 1986, the UWF came to Mamou High School for a fundraiser event and I was fortunate to get front row seats for my first live show. On the card that night were wrestlers like Sting, The Missing Link, Eddie Gilbert, Missy Hyatt, Ted DiBiase, and UWF World Champion Terry Gordy.

I remember walking into a sold-out gymnasium and it was the first time I saw the ring in person. Before the show even started, I was in awe.

Having seen these athletes on television was one thing, but to see them in my hometown gymnasium was something else.

Then, in 1989, the Junior High School that I was attending needed a fundraiser to get new glass backboards for our basketball gym.

Being a huge fan of pro wrestling, I suggested to my mom, who worked at my middle school, that they get the wrestling to come back for a fundraiser. Yes, a 13-year-old was trying to convince his school into pulling this off and they did.

My mom and the assistant principal of my school got in touch with the NWA and Mamou fit into their tour.

Not knowing who was going to be on the card that night, I remember watching their television show the week prior to the show in Mamou and that's when they announced the all-star lineup coming to Mamou.

The NWA brought stars like Sting, Lex Luger, Micheal Hayes, Rick Steiner, The Fantastics, Paul E. Dangerously, Barry Windham, The Junkyard Dog, Dick Murdoch and many more to the small town of Mamou.  About the only two stars missing at the time were Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes.

Again, I was able to score front row seats for this show, but it's what happened during the day of the show that I still talk about.

For starters, a friend of mine and I were allowed to help two guys from the NWA set up the ring and chairs for the event, and yes we even got to wrestle in the ring prior to showtime.

Then, after the show, the promoter for the NWA got me into the "good guys" dressing room and that's when Sting gave me the tour and introduced me to many of his buddies.

I recall Lex Luger being very much to himself, while others were very nice, even my favorite referee of all-time, Tommy Young, greeted me in their locker room. I recall Tommy Young having just a towel wrapped around him and he had the look on his face like what is this kid doing in here.

Both shows originated in gymnasiums, which made them very intimate. Thus, i's so cool to look back on them and see how big of stars some became. A few who came to Mamou in the 80s are now in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Here are just a few photos that I took from the two shows in the 80s. I hope you enjoy.

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