Current WWE Superstar John Cena is going through a divorce with high school sweetheart and things may soon get ugly in the divorce proceedings. TMZ is reporting that Cena's wife, Liz Cena, believes that her husband wants a divorce because he strayed from their marriage. John Cena surprised his wife of three years with the divorce, and she says that she never saw it coming. Now, the couple did sign a prenuptial agreement, but if Liz Cena can prove that her husband did indeed cheat on her, she may be entitled to more than John would like.



So far, Liz Cena's attorneys have yet to come across any credible evidence that John Cena strayed from outside their marriage. However, I recently read a blog that stated a former WWE Superstar Kenn Doane called John Cena "The Tiger Woods" of the WWE. Cena allegedly broke Doane and his girlfriend, former WWE Diva Mickie James, up after the two were having an affair outside of Cena's marriage. In any case, I am sure we will be hearing much more from this divorce in the days and weeks ahead.

John Cena is scheduled to be part of the WWE Supershow at the Cajun Dome on Saturday June 30th.

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