It is something many of us have talked about and dreamt about - Cars that would FLY!!!! Well the day that many of us have eagerly awaited may soon be here because the Woburn Company says that they may soon release a car that flies. Woburn says it’s prototype has completed its first test flight, flying for about eight minutes at 1,400 feet.Terrafugia vice president Richard Gersh says that they have nearly 100 of these cars on order and anticipate many more orders once the car is formerly introduced.


“It drives just a like a car. It has a steering wheel, a gas pedal and a brake pedal. And, essentially, it has an automatic transmission. That’s when the wings would be folded up,” Gersh explained.

The Transition from car to "plane" does not come cheap, it will sell for about $279,000. Yes, for $279,000, one day you can own your own car that takes to the sky. I ask, is it really worth it and is it worth the trouble of travel?

In any case, I find this form of transportation to be really cool. The only problem I have here is the same problem that many of you may have...If people can't drive safely in the city of Lafayette or other metropolitan areas, what make me think that they will be able to FLY their car safely? Personally, I'd hate to see a car flying over me while I'm in Cajun Field on a Saturday afternoon simply because I don't trust such an amateur. I foresee a MAJOR safety flaw here and I DO NOT see this coming to the skies near you or me anytime soon.


For more on such a car visit FlyingCarFilm

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