Are thieves getting smarter or are people paying less attention to what's going on around them? This is the latest way people are getting scammed out of gas and it's actually quite simple.

In fact it's so simple it even has investigators shaking their heads.

The first warning sign is the gas hose, they take it from one side of the gas pump and switch it to the other side. It's a pretty quick switch. Now the hose you're going to use is from the other side of the gas pump. Then the thief waits for you to drive up and put the pump they just switched into your gas tank.

When the victim starts to pump the thief pumps at the same time, you'll never suspect a thing.

The thief drives off with a full tank, then you get into your car and see that your gas needle hasn't moved. By the time you figure out what happened the thief has already driven off and you're left there confused at what just happened.

The gas station caught them on video and has taken precautions to stop the thieves by putting up this sign,



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