I was driving down Ambassador Caffery this past Sunday and the traffic was just terrible. On a Sunday!

Sarcastically I uttered the phrase, "the traffic is always light on Ambassador!"

That got me to thinking of other things that I could say about Lafayette that would never be true. Thus, this post was born.

We actually asked you guys the question on Facebook and boy, did you deliver. Here are some of the jewels of "Things Never Said in Lafayette":

  • Our public high schools are so beautiful.
  • Look, no line at Chic-fil-A.
  • Hey buddy, it's "G-O" Cajuns.
  • You should check out this gluten-free boudin.
  • Sure, just take a left on Johnston St.
  • Three pounds is enough.
  • If we go to La Fonda, we're going to have just one margarita.
  • We're going swimming in the Vermilion River.
  • The speed limit on Camellia Blvd is just right.
  • This food doesn't compare to what I had last week in Shreveport.
  • I wish they would sell African art at Festival International.
  • Bruce & Jude are always in the "Times Best Of" edition.
  • I love the fries at Judice Inn.
  • Honey, let's go enjoy the smells on Ambassador Caffery at the river.
  • The drainage is this town is amazing. (Part B of this: Daniel Phillips is saying nice things to us while we drive on flooded Lafayette roads.)
  • Good to see this Verot School Rd project ahead of schedule.
  • I like when the kiosk people at the Acadiana Mall try to sell me stuff.
  • The intersection at Johnson and Camellia is so easy to navigate.
  • I only drank one beer.
  • I just wish we had a Mexican restaurant here.
  • We miss the speed cameras.
  • The cleanest ditches are on Tolson Rd.
  • The houses in Lafayette are reasonably priced.
  • I'm going to Target for five minutes to get one thing.
  • When I listen to the radio, it's never 97.3 The Dawg.

Got one to add to the list? Email it to jude@973thedawg.com or comment below.

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