Aww, what a cute future crazy cat lady!

That baby loves her cat so much that she can barely contain her excitement! Seriously, if she wasn't all wrapped up in that sleeping bag looking baby body suit I think she might have exploded with love. This entire video is too cute for words.

Have you seen the video of Debbie who loves cats? Well, she really loves cats and I imagine Debbie was just like this cat loving baby when she was a tiny-tot. If you haven't seen Debbie in all of her cat-loving glory you can check her out below.

Yeah, Debbie and that baby should totally be BFF's.

I was introduced to this adorable video when my mother posted it to my Facebook page with the caption "I want one! And I'm not talking about the cat". I don't especially appreciate her subtly insinuating that I should be giving her grandchildren soon, but I have to admit, this baby is incredibly cute. I might not be having kids any time soon, but when I do I hope they love me as much as this baby loves her pet cat.

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