This girl speaks the truth. Losing a friend is bad enough, but losing a good pic of yourself is the worst!

We've all been there, whether you and your bestie had a falling out or you are fresh off of a break up, the first thing on your mind is getting every pic of you and that person off of social media. But deleting a photo when your pose is perfect, your hair is flawless and you are actually smiling without your double chin showing can be even more heartbreaking than the failed relationship.

Let's be real, I've untagged way more pictures of myself than I have kept. Taking the perfect picture is hard and you can't waste a good photo on a bad friend, just saying. I mean, editing ex-bf's, gf's, and besties out of pictures is probably why photoshop was invented in the first place.

Nicely done, Serena. Next time I need to cut someone out of my life, and out of my photos, I'm calling you for photoshop savagery at it's finest.

Slay, girl, slay.

[via, @CaballeroSerena]