I guess dressing up like a serial killer is one way to pop the question.

If you say that the Halloween movies and Michael Myers don't scare you, you're lying. That dude is one of the scariest, most iconic horror characters of all time and to this day I still scream out loud when I watch those movies. Can you imagine if you were walking down the street and Michael Myers popped out in front of you? I would instantly pee my pants, no joke.

Seriously, this might be the most terrifying proposal ever, but at least it ended well for the happy couple. I mean, if I was that girl and saw someone in a Michael Myers costume creepily walking the street I would run in the opposite direction and the proposal would have never happened.

I'm not sure what this couples back story is and why this guy thought scaring the heebie-jeebies out of his girlfriend was the perfect proposal, but congrats on the engagement guys! I can only imagine how crazy the wedding will be.