Sitting in the sun sipping an ice cold margarita sounds like the perfect Summer day, right? Wrong. The lime juice in your yummy cocktail can actually burn your skin!

When skin is exposed to both lime juice and UV rays it creates phytophotodermatitis, a reaction caused by the chemicals in some fruits and plants (most notably, limes, lemons, and celery) that make your skin hypersensitive to the sun. Phytophotodermatitis, also sometimes called “margarita dermatitis” or “lime disease”, can happen to anyone and is commonly mistaken for poison ivy, poison oak, or a bad sunburn. If you notice a funky little rash on your skin after a day of drinking in the sun be sure to tell your dermatologist, and if you are slicing up limes for your tequila shots make sure you wash your hands immediately.

If you really want to ruin your Summer fun you can check out pictures of "margarita dermatitis" on BuzzFeed, but, just a heads up, it's pretty graphic.

So, what did we learn today? Don't drink delicious lime-y drinks when you're out in the Sun. Which totally sucks, because where else are you supposed to drink a margarita? Seriously though, no body shots outside. No one wants that painful, red, disgusting, burn all over their bikini area, just saying.