Let's be honest, you'll be snapping selfies and pics of your friends on Halloween anyway, so why not rock your favorite filter all night long?

If the "puking rainbows" Snapchat filter isn't your favorite then I feel like you must not actually have Snapchat, or maybe your phone didn't get the update, because those big eyes, rosy cheeks and sparkling rainbow puke give me life. I scroll through the Snapchat filters every day in hopes that my favorite waterfall of rainbow drool has appeared on my phone, but as we all know, Snapchat filters change daily and sometimes rainbow puke is M.I.A.

So, why not paint a rainbow on your face and be a walking Snapchat filter for Halloween? Then you don't even need a costume, because you can wear whatever outfit you want, it's genius! Not gonna lie, this is definitely in the runner for my Halloween costume this year.

YouTube user GettingPretty is known for her fabulous makeup tutorials and during Halloween she spices things up with Halloween makeup looks that anyone can pull off. I want to give her a hug for coming up with this puking rainbow Snapchat makeup, it's amazing. I love it so much I might just wear rainbow puke on my face every day.

Now, excuse me while I go paint my face and get my rainbow puke on.

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