It is never fun to report about local businesses in Acadiana closing down. However, there is a bit of silver lining to the following closures.

I have seen on social media this week three Acadiana area businesses announcing that they would be closing their doors. But two of those businesses will still be in operation in other avenues.

Romero's Grocery in the greater Ossun/Scott area is the one out of the three that is closing down for good. They posted yesterday on their Facebook page that they would shut down for "the foreseeable future."

This one is particularly sad for me. For several years I lived less than half a mile from the store and enjoyed this great little grocery store with its equally excellent selection of specialty meats.

The second store closure is Alexander Books, located at 2116 Johnston Street. While they will be shuddering their retail store, the owners say they'll continue to sell through their online sales space.

In a social media post, this is what they said about their upcoming closure:

"It is due to countless hardships that have been endured on an economic, social, and personal front over the past two years that we have chosen to make this tough decision. We truly believe in the mission of Alexander Books and hope that the name will continue in some way."

The last day of operation of a storefront will be January 28, 2022.

And the third business in closure news is Pop-A-Licious Gourmet Popcorn, located at 415 Lee Avenue in Lafayette.

They too will be closing their storefront but instead will shift their focus to local festivals, events, pop-ups, and wholesale.

The final day for their storefront will be this Saturday, December 18, 2021.

While we hate to hear about all three of these business closures, we are happy that a couple of them will be able to continue serving local consumers in some capacity.

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