As reported by WAFB in Baton Rouge, there are three bars near the LSU campus that have employees who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Fred's, JL's Place, and Reggie's are the three bars whose owners have confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their staff. All three of these bars are located in the popular bar area named 'Tigerland' that is located just off of campus.

The Louisiana Department of Health is investigating the potential outbreak at both JL's Place and Reggie's. Both bars are being closed for one week in order to have their employees tested as well as to deep-clean the entire premises.

Three employees of Reggie's have tested positive, according to an owner of the business, who says they are waiting on results from the staff of JL's Place.

I hope that all staff members and customers affected by the virus make a full recovery. I also hope these businesses are able to address and handle the issue in a manner that keeps both its employees and customers as safe as possible.

More information to come on these bars and more local businesses who are being affected by COVID-19.

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