Joe Exotic is making a lengthy plea to President Donald Trump.

The Tiger King star is practically begging Trump to pardon his 22-year sentence after being convicted on murder-for-hire charges. According to TMZ, Joe and his legal team have delivered a hefty 257-page document to the Trump administration including shocking claims that Joe has been sexually assaulted behind bars.

I have been sexually assaulted by jail staff, beat up and tied in a chair to the point the skin came off my arms

The Netflix star called Trump his "hero," suggesting that it might be a good idea for his 2020 presidential campaign. He took things a step further by using the hashtag "#TrumpJr2024."

Joe Exotic isn't set to be freed from prison until 2037 but truly believes that he won't live to see his release due to his anemia and immune deficiency. As far as Joe's claims of being sexually violated behind bars, sources connected to prison officials told TMZ "there was no such assault."

The last we heard about Exotic from Trump was five months ago and the POTUS said he'd "look into it."

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