Here's the thing: Louisiana knows how to have a good time. We find any reason or occasion to celebrate any day, holiday, or time. Usually, the celebration involves alcohol of some sort. If you're downtown, tailgating, having a pool day...whatever. There's a drink involved.

Even after all these years, I never learned how to crack the code of efficiently taking a shot. It has never been a smooth process. I can't shoot most liquors because of the strong taste. I think my prayers have been answered and my dreams have been fulfilled.

It's all thanks to Brita filters and a TikTok tutorial. Oh, I'm serious. Take a look.

Let's get into this GLORIOUS life hack that will remove the barrier many people have to get into the "feeling good" mood, like me.

Any clear and cheap liquor will work because as we know, there are a bunch of things in the cheap stuff (additives, flavors) that the top-shelf stuff does not have. Stick to vodka, tequila, white rum...literally any clear liquor.

Still don't believe me? I actually did this. Yes, I tried it. I was fully committed to this experimental process because you need to trust me as an author writing this.

First things first: I absolutely 100% CAN NOT shoot tequila. It has always made me gag, and made me want to puke. No one wants to ruin the party from a shot gone bad, so I've always just passed on them.

Want to take a guess at what the first alcohol I tried "purifying" through the Brita filter? Yep. Tequila.

After dreading the unfiltered, normal shot...which I took and barely made it through, it was time to bust out the Brita filter. I poured in the tequila, watched it filter through, and then poured it up.

It didn't even smell like tequila. It smelled like nothing. I prepared myself for the worst... but the worst never came. It tasted like NOTHING. It's comparable to water. I thought this was a clout-chasing TikTok

This is going to change the game. Loose as a Goose. Game over.

Try it. Be amazed, and be ready to party with no worries about taste.

Here's one last friendly reminder: Buy an extra filter.

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