TMZ is reporting that Monique Mosely, famed producer Timbaland's wife of five years, has filed for divorce. Based on the divorce documents, she isn't walking away without cashing in at the Bank of Timbo first.

Timbaland and Monique have been married for five years, but have been a couple for twice as long. In addition to covering expenses for their 5-year-old daughter, Mosley is demanding that Timbaland pay up on her 10-year-old son from another relationship being that Tim has "publicly and privately proclaimed the child as his own."

That's right. In addition to alimony, insurance, tuition, vacations, her lawyer bill and other random expenses, Monique also wants Timbaland to pay up for BOTH children. She even had to borrow money from a friend to pay her lawyer and already wants more money while the divorce proceedings are being prepared.

Timbaland is worth $80, but probably not for long.


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