Tomorrow, February 14th is Valentine's Day and Saturday is Singles Awareness Day. Both days can be a reason to celebrate depending on which side of the romantic relationship fence you happen to be sitting.

Today, however, is a day that's been "created" as a way to celebrate those relationships that aren't necessarily romantic, the relationships between women and their girlfriends. It's actually called Galentine's Day and it's become quite a thing over the past few years.

Credit for Galentine's Day is actually given to Amy Poehler's character from the hit TV show Parks and Recreation. And, much like Festivus created for the Christmas season by George Costanza's on TV's Seinfeld, Galentine's Day is an idea that just took off.

The celebration is geared toward female bonding and the close-knit ties that women share with each other. Health officials say that women who have strong emotional bonds with other women live 22% longer than women without those kinds of support groups in place.

A study done by Harvard University suggests that women who have strong bonds with other females feel happier and more satisfied with their lives. They also tend to have fewer physical ailments too.

Seems to me like all of that, plus a chance to catch up with close friends is a great reason to share lunch or maybe a drink after work. No, gifts aren't necessary but we are talking about the ladies and somehow they always seem to show up with at least a little sussy for their besties whether it's planned or not.


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