Realizing your first celeb crush is off the market is hard!

Meet Mila, she is basically my spirit animal, except I threw a fit when I found out Ryan Gosling was having a baby with Eva Mendes. Seriously though, I'm impressed with Mila's choice in a crush, Adam Levine is big celeb, when I was a tiny tot I thought I was going to marry my camp counselor or this boy Peter I was in the school play with.

Girls not playing, she knows what she wants, and she wants Adam Levine. Who can blame her? He's a beautiful man and he has the voice of an angel. Unfortunately, his new wife, Behati Prinsloo, is a complete babe, too. Not even an adorable toddler could complete with Behati. If you're still wondering why Adam and Behati are together just watch Maroon 5's "Animals" music video, it's ridiculously steaming and creepy, and you get to see the pair make out, naked, covered in blood.

Don't worry, Mila, you'll find true love eventually! Maybe Adam and Behati will have kids soon and you could date a baby Adam. Hey, a toddlers gotta have a dream.