Some of us may remember Tom Hanks in the 1988 hit movie, 'Big'. One of the most memorable moments of 'Big' was of Josh (Tom Hank's character) discovering the gigantic electric keyboard on the floor of FAO Schwarz toy store. Well, Tom was back at it again.

During his interview with British talk show host, Jonathan Ross surprised Tom with the huge electric keyboard. Tom turned into a kid once again. He started out a little rusty, but then nailed his performance of chopsticks. Sandra Bullock was entertained by his performance and couldn’t help but join in the fun. She didn’t even take off her heels! 25 years later, Tom Hanks still has it. He may need an ice pack and some ibuprofen, but it still puts a smile on your face to see the kid come out in him.

If you don't remember the scene from the movie 'BIG' check out the video: