I've been waiting for this day since the first time I saw 'Back To Future 2'!

The future is here baby! Time to get excited. This time it's for real. It's the first ever hoverboard, and who do they get to test it out first? Only the best skateboarder in the  world, Tony freakin' Hawk! Who else would they get?

Tony Hawk and a guy that clams to be Johnny Knoxville visit the Hendo Hover warehouse to ride the hoverboard. Tony Hawk says, I promise you this time it's real, not like that fake Funny or Die hoax video which he had to apologize for.  Tony Hawk really did think, or so he says, that no one would believe that it was real. But this time it is.

For more info on the hoverboard CLICK HERE!

This is only the beginning. Next up flying cars? Hey, I dream big!