Multiple videos show a massive tornado tearing through New Iberia as extensive damage and trapped individuals have been reported.

A video posted to Twitter by Lance Blocker via News 15 meteorologist Adam Olivier shows scary footage of a "large and destructive tornado" that reportedly crossed Hwy 90 and moved toward Admiral Doyle Drive.

The tornado was throwing debris into the air and at one point hit something significant just before the feed cut out.

New Iberia Police confirmed a tornado touched down in the Southport Subdivision area damaging several homes and leaving some residents trapped. Authorities are currently on the scene and asking civilians to avoid the area as rescue efforts are underway.

More videos continue to surface on social media as residents report damage throughout New Iberia.

KATC Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo confirmed reports of damage at Iberia Medical Center where windows could be seen blown out due to the tornado.

We will continue to make updates as we follow this developing story.

We now have a look from inside the Medical facility that was hit by a massive tornado.


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