A tortoise in Ascension Parish is making headlines after running away from home. Well, more like slowly waddling away from home. Who knows, he may have had a very important appointment unbeknownst to his owners who were worried sick about their missing pet.

Animal control received a call that there was a "land tortoise in distress" according to WBRZ 2. Sheriff deputies along with Curt Trepagnier and Isreal Millet from the animal control team were able to successfully retrieve the lost Tortiste, who goes by the name Biscuit, from the New River Canal.

After rescuing the African Tortoise from the New River Canal in Ascension Parish they brought it to Cara's House Animal Shelter.

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Cara's House Animal Shelter Facebook Page
Cara's House Animal Shelter Facebook Page

Lamoine Howard was headed to the dry cleaner's Wednesday morning when he noticed that the gate to his backyard broke during the heavy rainstorm the night before. In the past when this has happened, Biscuit the beloved family pet, has never made an attempt to escape so he decided the repairs could wait until the weekend, Howard tells Nola.com.

It’s happened before with rainstorms, and (the gate) opens up, and he never gets out. He just doesn’t go anywhere, right? Sure enough, He got out.

The Ascension animal control director Megan Choate says the workers "went out in their waders and lifted Biscuit from 12 inches of water" Since he is a land tortoise he can't swim.

We don’t normally do these things. Normally we stick with cats and dogs, but he needed to get out that canal and our team got him out

Cara's House Animal Shelter Facebook Page
Cara's House Animal Shelter Facebook Page

Safe to say this type of rescue mission was a first for Ascension Parish Animal Control. Biscuit's picture was shared on social media and one of Howard's coworkers saw the post and shared it with him.

Dude, does anybody else in Ascension Parish have a tortoise like yours

Once Howard took a look at the photos he realized it was without a doubt Biscuit the family tortoise he bought as a birthday gift for his daughter 7 years ago. He shared that at one time she was able to actually ride on his back and shares a special bond with Biscuit.

Howard thanks everyone involved for helping reunite their beloved Biscuit with his family. You can watch their reunion in the video Cara's House shared in their Facebook post comment section below.

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