Although Tory Lanez is in jail right now after being found guilty in December of 2022 during his trial for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, the embattled rapper reportedly has fired his previous attorney and hired Suge Knight's former lawyer David Kenner.

According to former Law & Crime senior editor Meghann Cuniff, who has been covering the Tory Lanez trial since the beginning, Tory is expected to return to court on Tuesday (Jan. 10) with new counsel in tow. If you recall, during the trial, Tory was being represented by attorney Shawn Holley and later by George Mgdesyan.

But now, according to Cuniff, Tory has a new lawyer, David Kenner, Suge Knight's former counsel.

"Regarding Tory Lanez's Tuesday court date, yes, there is a date listed on the jail roster. It's not on Judge Herriford's calendar, and he's got a bunch of other stuff at the time. Attorney David Kenner confirmed to me last week he's now representing Tory," Cuniff tweeted.

Cuniff also added that Kenner's entry in the case is a little belated.

"[David] Kenner is a longtime criminal defense attorney whose clients include former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight. Anyone with actual experience in criminal law (not all lawyers) will tell you he's joining the case a bit late: Before trial would have been better," she tweeted,

There's no word on why Tory decided to move on with a new attorney in his case.

As for Tory's court appearance this coming Tuesday, it appears David Kenner will deliver his post-conviction motions to reduce the felonies Tory was found guilty of to misdemeanors and request a new trial based on his perceived issues with evidence and witnesses. According to Cuniff, these are standard practices and procedures in the court of law. However, as the journalist stated in her tweets, Tory's new attorney was recently hired and would need more time to evaluate the case.

"Penal Code 132 regards false evidence and witness tampering. (132 is also Judge Herriford's court department number.) @LASuperiorCourt actively hides court documents from the public, so it's really impossible to find out what exactly is going on based on the court record," Cuniff tweeted.

Cuniff continued: "Some clues about what's going on: Prosecutors tried to add a bribery count to Tory's charges during trial, which the judge rejected. Any post-conviction motion from David Kenner regarding false evidence or witness testimony is very unlikely to come this quick."

Cuniff added: "To be clear: We really have no idea what this is, and there is no way any serious post-conviction motion would be filed and heard this quick. Tory was convicted on Dec. 23 and there was a huge holiday break. There is no way there’s been a serious motion fully briefed."

Cuniff concluded: "Again, Everything we’re discussing here is standard and expected post-conviction litigation - asking judge to reduce to misdemeanors, requesting new trial based on perceived issues with evidence/witnesses - but David Kenner only recently got on the case. Give it time.

As previously reported, on Dec. 23, 2022, Tory Lanez was found guilty on three felony counts in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion: carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm in a vehicle; assault with a semiautomatic handgun; and discharging a firearm with gross negligence. The felonies stem from his July 2020 altercation and shooting of Megan.

Tory's new attorney, David Kenner, has represented Suge in a robbery case back in the 1990s and got him probation; and in a wrongful death case in June 2022, which ended in a mistrial.

It appears the Tory Lanez-Megan Thee Stallion shooting case is far from over.

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