If you're a Johnny Cash fan, or just love Country music and haven't seen "My Darling Vivian" about his first wife, you should watch it a.s.a.p. before it's unavailable.

"My Darling Vivian", streaming on Amazon Prime now, tells the little known story of Vivian Liberto, Johnny Cash's first wife of 13 years. Vivian gave birth to Cash's four daughters Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy, and Tara Cash.

Obviously, when we think of Johnny Cash we immediately think of June Carter Cash, and that story is well documented and beloved. However, not much is really known about Cash's wife Vivian...until now.

The documentary shows us incredible, never-before-seen home movies and photos of the couple and their family, starting when Cash and Vivian first met at a skating rink in San Antonio, Texas. Cash was still in the Air Force at that point, and the two dated for three weeks until Cash was sent to Germany.

We get to see some of the 1,000 letters the Cash daughters still have that Vivian and Johnny wrote back and forth to each other while he was stationed in Germany.

Johnny and Vivian were married on July 4th, 1954, and both their family and Cash's music career all started less than a year later.

From there, "My Darling Vivian" gives us unprecedented access into the Cash family story over the next 13 years, told by the four Cash sisters.

The story told is one that people outside of the Cash family have rarely heard...the story of Vivian Cash and her tireless will to try and keep her marriage and family together.

After watching "My Darling Vivian", I feel like the best way I can describe her is to say she was an amazingly strong woman who possessed astonishing grace. The fact that not much has been known about Vivian through the years is a testament to that.

Vivian waited until 2008 to tell her story in the book "I Walked The Line", a book she had Johnny Cash's full blessing to write. In a conversation before his death, Cash told Vivian "If anyone has a story to tell it's you".

Vivian Liberto's importance to the Cash family legacy and the history of Country music is truly unparalleled, and the underdog in me couldn't be happier she's beginning to get the respect she so elegantly earned.

For more information, photos, and more, visit mydarlingvivian.com.

Rosanne Cash via mydarlingvivian.com -

"My mother’s own story has often been lost or misinterpreted to serve a myth. This elegant film about her ― the real Vivian Liberto, not the Hollywood version ― is painful but compassionate, wrenching but true. Even though she was an intensely private woman, I think she longed to have her story told, and her place in the history of my family acknowledged with respect and love. Matt Riddlehoover and Dustin Tittle have succeeded in giving her that place. My sisters and I are deeply moved by and grateful for My Darling Vivian."


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